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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crochet Lace Faux Pearl Embellished Camisole

Available in Brown, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Green colour.

 Light Grey
 Crochet Lace Faux Pearl Embellished Neckline.



Dark Grey.

Crochet Overlay Back Camisole

Available in Grey, Green and White colour.

 Crochet back design.



Chiffon-Floral Camisole

Available in Beige, Pink, Grey and Black colour.

Chiffon-Floral Details.




AME'S on Ultimate Power Star II 非常好声 {幸福脚步声}MV

《非常好声》三强远赴台湾拍摄 幸福脚步声MV。 
  三强之一 Windy (陈姳妤) 服装由AME'S 赞助。

                                   < Ultimate Power Star II > 幸福脚步声 MV Shooting at Taiwan. 

Apparel on Windy sponsored by AME'S.

Mesh Neckline Waistband Flare Dress
Available in Pink and Blue colour.

AME'S Belt Collection 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

AME'S @ Hard Rock Beach Penang

{Stylish Beach Babe} AME'S light-weighted breezy top keeps Cheryl looking stylish and so relaxing on her beach day out! This crochet lace detailing top is definitely one of your breezy summer essential item!

Crochet Shoulder Lion Prints Top
Available in Green and Black colour.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rose Prints Apron Dress with Applique Details

Available in Beige and Pink colour.

 Pleats Button Front, Flare Sleeve Design.
 Rose Prints with Lace Hem.
 Rose Prints with Applique Details.
 Lace Hem.
 Bow Back Design.

Button Front, Flare Sleeves, Floral Prints with Applique Details.

Cowl Front Flare Hem Summer Dress

Available in Orange and Green Colour.

 Lace Detailing Front Design, matching with AME'S Innerwear Collection Piece in picture.
Floral Prints Closed-Up View, Flare Hem Design.

 Flower Prints Closed-Up View.
 Cowl Front Lace Detailing.

Floral Prints Butterfly Top with Lace Detailing

Available in White and Pink colour.

 Lace Detailing and Bow Front Design.


Jeweled Lace Bodice Babydoll Dress

Available in White, Pink and Black colour.

Lace Detailing.

Jeweled Front Details.

Jeweled Details, Empire Waist Design.

Mesh Neckline Waistband Flare Dress

Available in Pink and Blue colour.

 Mesh Neckline Design.
 Tied-Waist Design.
 Back View.

 Blue , match with AME'S Belt Collection Piece.
Mesh Neckline Design.

2-in-1 Elastic Waist Hi Lo Dress

Available in Light Green, Light Pink and Beige colour.

Light Green
Straps Style Top
Elastic Waist Design.
Floral Prints Design.
Hi-Lo Asymmetrical Hem Design.

Floral Prints Closed-Up View.

Light Pink

Match with AME'S Bow Sleeves Crochet Top (