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Monday, December 26, 2011

AME'S @ Formal Dinner Etiquette

~* Dressing étiquette * ~ Each and every lady picked a different piece of AME'S gown to fit in their own style and personality, topping up with a bright smile! You know you can never go wrong in AME'S. -xoxo-

(Front Row)
Pleated Empired Waist Evening Dress
Available in Purple and Black colour.

(BackRow - Right)
Floral Body Con Long Gown
Available in Beige colour.

(Back Row- Second from right)
Embellished Chiffon Evening Dress

(Back Row - Second from left)
Embellished Waist Open-Shoulder Gown
Available in White and Pink colour.

(Back Row - Left)
Embellished Mesh Waist Gather Front Gown.
Available in Purple colour,